10 Video Games That Should have PS4-Xbox Cross-Play

1. Anything by EA or 2K

Sports games come in all shapes and sizes, and manage to move more than a few units each year. Whether your game of choice is FIFA, Madden, NBA or even PGA Tour, if a sport is popular enough, there’ll be a game released for it annually. A lot of sports fans and gamers alike are eager to get their hands on games featuring the latest roster of professional athletes, and experience the fantasy of taking their team to the top each season.

Playing against friends is a vital part of the sports experience, as real-world rivalries can be acted out on the digital stage. Making it easier for friends to get together online and play their favorite sports would be incredibly welcome by a variety of sports communities around the world.


Letting Microsoft and Sony gamers team up or face off for online experiences would be a revolution for gaming on all platforms. How likely it is that this could happen remains to be seen – while Microsoft are all for joining together, the current market leader Sony might feel that the company wouldn’t sell as many consoles if gamers knew they could choose between platforms, consequence-free. The large online community of PlayStation 4 owners is one of the big draws for the console, and it’s unlikely Sony will be willing to lose this advantage.

While it’s by no means a certainty that we’d see cross-platform support in the near future, considering that gamers have been clamoring for more open online platforms for years indicates just how much of an impact this would make on gaming. It would be interesting to see the way that online communities would develop and change if there weren’t an arbitrary line blocking Microsoft and Sony gamers from engaging together.

Via screenrant.com