10 Video Games That Should have PS4-Xbox Cross-Play

9. The Division

Another Mass Multiplayer Online shooter, The Division’s online interactions essentially work like Destiny but in a more grounded setting, allowing players to interact with various strangers in a frozen, post-apocalyptic New York. The game’s Dark Zone is particularly notable for its free-for-all gameplay as rival teams battle it out to get their hands on nifty bobble hats and other precious loot.

Considering the chaos that exists in the Dark Zone already, it would be fantastic to see the barriers between Xbox and PlayStation players fall down, allowing both sides to get together, team up to find the best loot, and then stab each other in the back and run away. The Dark Zone would be the perfect place for age-old console rivalries to either bury the hatchet or finally work out the aggression that’s been bubbling under the surface for decades.