Blast From the Past: One of the Most Epic VG Soundtracks Ever Made

It’s very sad when innovation truly makes a game great but leaves little room for marketing, resulting in games that are loved by the critics, but underappreciated by the masses. We’ve seen that with underappreciated masterpieces like Beyond Good and Evil, Grim Fandango and the game we’re talking about today, Outcast, released in 1999 for Windows by Belgian developer Appeal and French publisher Infogrames (RIP both)

Outcast was a game with many firsts, including a revolutionary agent-based AI system and a gorgeous voxel-based graphics engine. The latter isn’t always enough to make the game as immersive as it can be, so composer Lennie Moore went to the Moscow Symphony Orchestra to help create a soundtrack that was not only one of the first orchestra soundtracks in video games, but also one that would give Jesper Kyd and even John Williams a run for their money. After all, if anyone has a history in classical music that’s almost as overlooked as this game, it’s the Russians.

Outcast Ranzaar region
The game starts in the snowy region of Raanzaar, where ex-SEAL Cutter Slade wakes up and finds out he’s in one hell of a mess, having to save his own world as well as the alien world Adelpha from the results of an experiment gone very wrong.