Custom Zombified Nintendo Statues by KodyKoala

Everyone knows that family friendliness is a key part of Nintendo’s public image, so zombifying their iconic characters with so much detail can’t be something they’d approve of.

Even though the statues below may be slightly disturbing, KodyKoala’s ( craftsmanship is something you can’t help but be impressed with.

Custom Peach Zombie

This is a website exclusive. Here is something that I couldn’t wait to share. I call this “I wish the Princess were in Another Castle.” I have been really fascinated with Zombies lately, and I don’t care about the people who say that zombies are a fad that has come and gone, I still like them.

I used a Princess Peach Vinyl that I got off of Ebay. The original arms for the princess were horrible, so I used an anime Gashapon figure’s arms, and the cleavage was from another gashapon I had lying around. The legs for the princess was from a bootleg Sailor Mars toy that I had gotten a long time ago.

I also used a Toad vinyl figure that I bought at Walmart. Not much really went into the toad. I tried to keep him as close to normal as possible (the pre-zombie state). I sculpted the scenery using Apoxie Sculpt, and I used a rock that I found in my backyard.