Hard Rock Casino PSP Review

Hard Rock Casino PSP review

Hard Rock Casino, where gambling has a purpose

Making an average casino game for a home console is pretty much pointless when there are thousands of online casinos offering online slots and pretty much anything you’d expect in Vegas. Does Hard Rock Casino offer anything that can’t be found at a real online casino?

For starters, Hard Rock casino really sets itself apart from the average casino game with its presentation. Instead of navigating boring menus to pick out the games you want to play, you actually have an avatar that walks around a pseudo-3D casino before picking an activity, which adds a bit of an adventure game feel. Speaking of which, there’s an adventure mode where you complete objectives to unlock new casinos and new opponents. So even if you don’t get to win real money, there is at least some sense of direction, which is always a plus.  Most of the games you’d expect from a casino title are here – poker, blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold-Em and a few others. Some obscure ones are present too, like Casino War and fortune pai gow.  With no chance to win or lose real money, it’s pretty clear that the majority of people who play Hard Rock casino will be casual gamblers. That’s why there are tutorials available for all of the games. Stupidly enough, you can’t view them after you begin the adventure mode.

Visually, the game feels very clean and colorful. The audio is pretty nice too, including table chatter which can be turned off after it loses its novelty.  The cheerful tunes and the background ambience help make the game slightly more immersive.

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