Inked and Sexy Disney Princesses

Artist Tim Shumate has recently created a series of rebellious Disney princess tattoo designs. Shumate’s love for Disney inspired him to create these pin-up style portrayals of Disney’s most famous princesses. He makes these beloved characters more rocker-chic by covering them in tattoos.

Some of the princesses included in this incredible series are Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella. Shumate incorporates images from the movies in his daring Disney tattoo designs. The pin-up Ariel design for example, includes her fishy companion Flounder. At the bottom of each pin-up princess artwork, he has included a line from these unforgettable kids movies.

The Disney princesses have inspired numerous artworks, costumes and editorials in recent history, but Shumate’s tattoo designs definitely stand out. These punkish Disney pin-up girls will definitely please fans of these iconic kids flicks.

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