Interesting Move/gamepad hybrid concept for the PlayStation 4 controller

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The classic saying is very true of the classic Dual Shock controller template that Sony has used for 3 generations since 1995. If the PlayStation 4 come out with the next incarnation of the Dual Shock , not a lot of eyebrows would be raised.

PlayStation 4 controller concept

Still, with Nintendo having adapted the WiiMote full time and Microsoft planning to expand on Kinect for the next X-box, Sony just might follow suit. Sony’s target market may not be ready for a full switch just yet, but a partial switch always helps. A PS4 controller concept from NeoGAF (lef) shows the Move inserted into a controller that resembles the old Nintendo 64 gamepad.

Apart from the controller being able to act as a charger, this would allow for easier selective use of the PS Move. Imagine, for example, Grand Theft Auto where the motion control lets you use the controller as a steering wheel. When you get out of the car, you walk and look around with the traditional gamepad with the motion controls only returning for something like fine aiming.