Just Dance 3 PS3 Review

Just Dance 3 PS3Game: Just Dance 3 (PS3, Wii)

Party games aren’t big on the PlayStation 3, but Just Dance 3 should be a great game to have during the holidays – your guests will be entertained and you’ll shake off a few pounds of turkey

Just Dance 3 is the type of game that feels right at home on the Nintendo Wii – easy to pick up and go crazy with all the insane movements the game has us do, including air guitar and the bunny jive. Even though Just Dance 3 isn’t likely to have as many fans on the PlayStation 3, it’s still just as fun with a PlayStation Move controller. ┬áThis is definitely a party game. Lack of a career mode makes the single experience very dull after the initial novelty wears off.

The gameplay of Just Dance 3 couldn’t be simpler. All you do is pick a song and follow the movements shown on the sreen by virtual dancers while holding the PS Move controller. You then get a score – either Perfect, Good, OK or Bad. It’s impossible to fail out of a level to matter what you do, so Just Dance 3 is not very challenging for single mode play. The lack of unlockables or a career mode doesn’t help things either. Still, Just Dance 3 because many times more fun when you get some friends together.

Obviously, there is no dancing game without a fitting soundtrack, which is where Just Dance 3 delivers. The soundtrack is very diverse, with music appealing to players of all ages. Artists from back in the day make and appearance along with today’s top talent, from Aretha Franklin to Katy Perry. Even more tracks are available as DLC for Just Dance 3.

Even though this game’s soundtrack is very diverse, the chareography generally matches songs perfectly. Playing something like Everybody Dance Now will have the game instructing you to do a running man, while the more modern stuff like Katy Perry’s California Girls features some sexy twists and twirls. You don’t even have to participate to have fun because even watching your friends perform is entertaining.

The graphics are every bit as good as the choreography. The bright neon dancers with white outlines look amazing and are modeled after real performers, so their movements aren’t hard to follow at all. The sets vary depending on the song played, which is a nice touch.

There is no stereotype more ignorant than all gamers being fat, but there are no doubt quite a few who wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds. Dancing can be a great cardiovascular workout and Just Dance 3 takes advantage of that with the fitness-oriented Just Sweat mode. It includes a sweat point counter, with 4.2 sweat points equaling 1 calorie. It would have been easier to just use calories to begin with, but that doesn’t have too much of a negative effect on the experience. You’ll be earning roughly 400-500 sweat points pear song, so it would take about 25-30 vigorous songs to burn 1 pound of fat. You can either do a free session and just burn calories as you see fit or go through one of the pre-made 7 day challenges with varying levels of difficulty from the equivalent of 30 minutes a day of walking to 30 minutes a day of swimming.

Overall, this is a great game to play socially, but it gets dull to play on your own unless you use it for fitness. The 7 day challenges vaguely resemble a career mode, so that’s something to keep you coming back. With the holidays coming up, Just Dance 3 may be a great way to shake off all the turkey right at your party.

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