Non-Marvel Characters Who Could Lift Thor’s Hammer


Again, we’re cheating with this one as Wonder Woman has already shown that she can not only lift the hammer, but channel its power to its full effect, too. As a goddess and daughter of Zeus her divine nature has made her the current God of War in her own universe. Her combat prowess is second to none and she is one of the most powerful members of the Justice League, easily besting Superman.

Her lust for combat is rarely tamed, and her use of magical weapons has been part of her repertoire for decades (Bracelets, Lasso of truth, etc). A hammer that can smash almost anything to dust doesn’t sound too out of place.

One key characteristic that would make her worthy to lift Mjolnir is her willingness to kill. While not exactly an anti-hero, she doesn’t have the qualms about killing that Superman or Batman have. She has remarked that her rogue’s gallery is smaller than most heroes because when she deals with a villain, she deals with them permanently. While this may make her seem like a cold-blooded killer, she is far from it. While she does kill, it usually comes from a desire to protect the innocent.