Non-Marvel Characters Who Could Lift Thor’s Hammer

9. NEO

Neo, the prophesied saviour of all humanity from The Matrix not only had fantastic powers when linked to the machine world, but also in the real world too, as evidenced by wirelessly deactivated Sentinels in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

What makes Neo worthy to lift Mjolnir? Throughout the Matrix franchise he appears to have a pure soul, while rebellious and self-doubting, his intentions are noble. When he embraces his destiny to become The One he wilfully accepts his burden and uses his full power to liberate mankind from the machines that have enslaved them.

Despite living for years in the machine world as a mere computer programmer, with little demonstrated bravery (he was scared of heights, remember) once he begins training he embraces his warrior side and battles dozens of humans still loyal to their reality as well as Agents, the sentient programs that police the humans.

Therefore, Neo meets all the requirements to lift Mjolnir. He embraces battle readily, his spirit is pure, he is willing to kill (and does so several times), and he shows a frequent desire to do good, even sacrificing himself to end the threat of the rogue Agent Smith.