Non-Marvel Characters Who Could Lift Thor’s Hammer


The toughest guy in Middle-Earth and the one you most want at your back when defending Helm’s Deep or storming The Black Gates. Aragon, the king of men, is the definitive warrior’s warrior.

Turning his back on his destiny for years, he finds himself accompanying the hobbit, Frodo, as he carries the One Ring to mount doom. Along the way he battles Orcs, Goblins and assorted monsters. He even manages to win the hearts of not just one, but two of the most beautiful women on Middle-Earth. Come to think of it, they may well be the only two beautiful women on Middle-Earth, so it’s an even bigger boast.

When faced with the chance to be with another woman, he chooses to stay true to his heart and not betray Arwen, his love, showing that a pure soul can take many forms.

While Aragorn typifies what it means to be worthy in every respect, his nobility and warrior spirit make him the ideal candidate to lift Mjolnir. It probably would have helped a lot in The Lord Of The Rings, too.