Non-Marvel Characters Who Could Lift Thor’s Hammer


Spartan John-117, of the Halo franchise, has been trained to be a warrior since he was a small boy. Kidnapped by the government to fight an insurrection, he was repurposed to fight the alien Covenant instead. Given years of combat training as well as indoctrination, John was finally given the aptly-named Mjolnir battle armour to become the ultimate fusion of man and machine.

His Mjolnir (literal translation “That which smashes,” by the way) battle armour gives him a wide range of physical attributes on top of his cybernetic enhancements. His entire mind and body are dedicated to fighting a war, with little thought for anything beyond that.

He has killed thousands of Covenant to protect Earth and her colonies and has no problem using anything and everything he can to achieve his goals. Far from sadistic, John has a purity of vision. He sees Earth as needing to be defended and the Covenant are merely a threat.

A warrior through and through, John-117 would be one of the few on this list to not only use Mjolnir to its full effect, but he’d appreciate its simplicity and awesome power more than the rest, too.