Non-Marvel Characters Who Could Lift Thor’s Hammer


While there have been several versions of Link across various games and other media, his motivations are usually the same. He travels across Hyrule fighting evil and saving Princess Zelda, usually using light arrows, boomerangs, hookshots, and other assorted legendary weapons. Well, there’s no greater legendary weapon for him to wield than Mjolnir itself. In fact, he’s already wielded the Megaton Hammer – as good a preparation for Mjolnir as any.

While Link has little to no dialogue in the game series, he is the epitome of bad-ass hero that is the personification of good within his universe. He battles non-stop, and kills pretty much anything in his path, so is a worthy warrior to carry Mjolnir into battle.

While his character is generally left for the player to interpret, it’s usually accepted that Link is a true hero and pure of heart. If Mjolnir is to be lifted by a hero with the intention to use it for good, then a magical realm is the perfect setting and rescuing a princess is the perfect cause.