Non-Marvel Characters Who Could Lift Thor’s Hammer


Goku is an extra-terrestrial who has adopted Earth as his home world. While he is a carefree and happy person, he becomes a fierce and strategic warrior at a moment’s notice.

While Goku is generally famed for his skills in unarmed combat, he could potentially use Mjolnir as a weapon due to his warrior spirit and his pure soul. His ability to focus his Ki to devastating effect makes him a powerful and destructive warrior, the kind that Mjolnir could easily find worthy to use its elemental powers.

While Goku is generally restrained in the use of his powers, he has been known to unleash his full potential of a few occasions. When he does, his fury is akin to Viking style rage, making him worthy of using Mjolnir in battle. The purity of his spirit is never in doubt, nor is his intention to do good. While he has rarely been forced to kill, if the stakes were high enough, he would do it to protect innocent life, meaning he’d almost certainly be worthy to lift Mjolnir.