Real Sneakers Unlocked By Playing A Lot Of NBA 2K14


Nike has announced the first ever pair of real sneakers earned by playing a video game. The company has revealed the Lebron11 basketball shoes, which required approximately 80 hours of NBA 2K14 play and specific milestones in order to unlock.

Even then those players were simply fighting for the chance to place a $ 220 pre-order. In order to be one of the 2,014 players who could pre-order, players needed to complete 60 My Career games, create a signature shoe in the Nike Innovation Kitchen, and choose the Nike sponsorship path. As you can see above, the sneakers include a jungle cat motif to symbolize the “heart of the lion.”

If you happen to be one of the lucky 2,014 players, please let us know when you get your Lebron11s. We’d love to see you modeling them.

[Source: Nike via Polygon]