Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City – Trophies and Cheats

Cheats and Trophies for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Trophies

Trophy Description
A Gun by Any Other Name (Bronze) Kill an enemy with each weapon type including special weapons.
A Hero Spared! (Bronze) Attempt “The Rescue” and survive.
Baker’s Dozen (Bronze) Kill 13 zombified teammates.
Betrayal (Bronze) Complete the fifth mission of the U.S.S. campaign.
Bloody Good Time (Bronze) Kill 5 enemies with Blood Frenzy in a single campaign game or multiplayer match.
By Trail Of Dead (Bronze) Kill 50 opponents in Versus. (lifetime)
Chaos Averted (Bronze) Kill an infected teammate with a headshot before they become a zombie in any mode.
Choices Aplenty (Bronze) Purchase 15 weapons.
Clingy (Bronze) 13 Parasite Zombies killed (lifetime)
Corrupted (Bronze) Complete the second mission of the U.S.S. campaign.
Danger, High Voltage! (Bronze) Complete the third mission of the U.S.S. campaign.
Died Trying (Bronze) Attempt “The Rescue” and fail
Down Boy (Bronze) Kill 13 zombie dogs (lifetime)
Down in the Labs (Bronze) Complete the sixth mission of the U.S.S. campaign.
Epic Standards (Silver) Upgrade all abilities for all characters to its maximum level.
Fallen Idols (Silver) In Heroes mode, eliminate 4 Heroes in one game.
Feelin’ Stronger Every Day (Bronze) Fully upgrade an ability.
Great Success (Gold) Gain S+ on all U.S.S. missions on Veteran or Professional difficulty
Green Thumb (Bronze) Heal with 101 Green Herbs (lifetime)
Hat Trick (Bronze) 3 Tyrants Killed (lifetime)
Like a Bee (Silver) Kill 10 enemy players in one multiplayer game with CQC.
Like a Butterfly (Bronze) Kill 100 zombies with CQC (lifetime)
Look What I Can Do (Bronze) Purchase all abilities for one character class.
Mr. Death (Platinum) Get all Trophies.
No Sample For You (Bronze) Force 25 enemies to drop G-Virus Samples in Biohazard (lifetime).
Now That’s G (Bronze) Collect 3 G-Virus Samples in one match.
On A Roll (Bronze) Achieve a 5 kill streak in a Versus match.
One Trick Pony (Bronze) Purchase an ability.
Only Hurts For A While (Bronze) Infected 13 times (lifetime)
Organic Shield (Silver) Kill 5 enemies while using a zombie as a shield.
Outbreak Survivalist (Silver) Complete all U.S.S. missions on Veteran.
Quite The Collection (Silver) Purchase all available weapons.
Raccoon City Cleanser (Gold) Complete all U.S.S. missions on Professional.
Raccoon City Mascot (Bronze) Collect all 7 Raccoons
Ready To Dominate (Bronze) Fully upgrade all abilities for one character class.
Revival (Silver) Revive 31 teammates (lifetime)
Rogue’s Gallery (Bronze) Complete the fourth mission of the U.S.S. campaign.
Sampler (Bronze) Play at least one match in every game mode type.
Skill… Or Luck? (Silver) Achieve a 10 kill streak in a Versus match.
So Hot Right Now (Bronze) Kill 103 enemies with incendiary rounds (lifetime)
So Many Choices (Silver) Purchase all abilities for all character classes.
Stop Squirming (Bronze) 17 Hunters Killed (lifetime)
Success (Silver) Complete all U.S.S. missions with an S Rank.
Supreme Survivors (Bronze) In Survivors mode, have all 4 players on your team Survive the game.
The Loyalists (Bronze) Follow orders and defeat all liabilities.
These Will Do (Bronze) Purchase 5 weapons.
This Place Crawls (Bronze) 31 Parasites killed (lifetime)
Tongue Tied (Bronze) Free teammate from Licker grapple.
Up Close and Personal (Bronze) Kill 5 players in one multiplayer game with CQC Kills.
Witness (Bronze) Witness the beginning of the Raccoon City outbreak.
You Love to Hate My 98 (Silver) Complete 98 versus games

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Cheats

Collectible locations
Mission: Containment
After going down some steps, you will enter a large room with some sofas and server banks behind them. Check the back left corner, behind the servers, to find the mascot. You will find it before entering William Birkin’s lab.

Mission: Corruption
After passing through a room full of statues and using the main computer, you will go up to the second floor of the police station. From the balcony, continue forward while killing zombies. Straight from the double doors you just exited, you will find another set of closed double doors across the room. Open the doors to enter a new stairwell. Go up the stairs to find the mascot on the floor.

Mission: Lights Out
Inside the park, while collecting EMP devices from the UBCS Mercs, follow the right wall as you go through the area to reach a large sewer drain. The mascot is just to the right of the barred entrance.

Mission: Gone Rogue
After entering a large chamber full of green bio-tanks on rails, you will reach a central cylinder where the tanks are being shuffled through before the facility shuts down. Follow the left side around the central cylinder to find an opening inside. Go between the tanks to find the mascot at the dead-end.

Mission: Expendable
Inside Chief Iron’s office, down the hall with the stuffed tiger, you will be ordered to destroy more evidence. Once the evidence is destroyed, look on the cabinets to find the mascot in plain sight.

Mission: Redemption
During the elevator ride, wait for your second stop. On this floor, search the backroom to find the mascot.

Mission: End Of The Line
Towards the end of the mission, you will see a group of zombies on one side of a fence. Wait for the zombies to break the fence down. There is a ladder nearby you must climb up, but do not climb it yet. Instead, circle right around the train to find the mascot at the end.