Spider-Man’s Powers You Didn’t Know About


spider-man healing

Yes, just like Deadpool or Wolverine, Spider-Man has the ability to heal himself. If you thought he was just a wisecracking teenager who swings around and avoids injuries, well, he is that, but if he ever does sustain an injury it turns out that he has less to worry about than most other people.

After the events of “The Other” storyline in 2005, Spider-Man’s abilities had been permanently heightened, including his ability to heal. While he mentions to Aunt May that he had always known he healed fast, his healing ability got ramped way up, allowing him to take massive beatings from Rhino and Jack O’ Lantern during the Civil War comics.

Fractured bones, blood loss, and everything in between can be fixed in a matter of hours, and it is said that the entire make-up of Peter Parker’s body had been changed for maximum health efficiency; including an enhanced skeleton, muscular, and nervous system, and not to mention the perfect vision he gained after his infamous spider bite.