Spider-Man’s Powers You Didn’t Know About


Spider man super strength

He’s no Superman, but Spider-Man isn’t just a scrawny kid who can bench press 20 pounds. Similar to Ant-Man, Spider-Man takes his strength from the insect that his name comes from, and he is said to have the proportional strength of a spider. Considering that he’s a human and not a tiny arachnid, however, his proportional strength means he can generally lift up to 10 tons.

While this may sound like more than anyone would ever expect Spider-Man to be able to lift, at one point following the events of “The Queen” story arc, his strength increased by more than double; allowing him to lift 25 tons. If that doesn’t sound like the Spider-Man you know, you may have to rethink Spider-Man, as during the “Secret Invasion” storyline Spider-Man knocked a Tyranosaurus Rex out in one punch.

Other examples of his super-strength include his ability to leap several stories high, or across an entire city street. He is also able to run faster than a speeding car, though the reason we’ve never seen this depicted in a film is because web-slinging just looks so cool, so why show Spider-Man running?