Spider-Man’s Powers You Didn’t Know About


spider-man utility belt

When you think of superheroes with utility belts, Spider-Man is not generally your first thought. And while he might not have batarangs or choking gas capsules in there, Spider-Man’s utility belt has still been used to get him out of some sticky situations; or at least it helps him get paid, because that’s where he keeps his camera.

Containing extra web cartridges, a Batman inspired Spider-Man signal light, and spider-tracers, Spider-Man’s utility belt is a rarely mentioned part of Spider-Man history, but an essential one. Mostly because a backpack would be too bulky, a messenger bag would get in the way of his aerodynamics, and carrying his camera around his neck would give away who’s really taking the pictures of Spider-Man that J. Jonah Jameson keeps screaming for people to get him.