Spider-Man’s Powers You Didn’t Know About




Alright, now it’s just sounding like Spider-Man is straight up stealing his tech from other superheroes. With the Spider-Mobile car, something that we’ve never seen in a film and thankfully is never talked about by fans, Spider-Man followed in the steps of Batman by having his own branded super-vehicle. But the problem is, the whole concept behind Spider-Man is that he doesn’t need to drive.

Why sit in New York City traffic when you can swing above it? Well, according to the comics, a car company – Corona Motors – offered Spider-Man the use of a new engine they wanted to promote by putting it in a Spider-Mobile car. Despite being rightfully apprehensive at first, the story goes that Spider-Man was eventually tempted by endorsement fees, so he hired Johnny Storm to help design the car, and he ended up with a dune buggy fit with web-launchers. So… Yeah.

Though the Spider-Mobile got off to a good start with Spider-Man, it is eventually wrecked after its revealed that Spider-Man has never learned how to drive. And while you’d think super-genius Peter Parker would know not to get behind the wheel without a license, he ultimately comes to his senses and regrets getting the Spider-Mobile, calling it “hokey.” But not before The Tinkerer gets his hands on the wrecked car, modifying it to be able to drive up walls, and uses it against Spider-Man. But the sooner we all forget about this the better.