The 10 Most Oversexed Female Comic Book Characters

6. Mystique

Mystique is more likely to use sex as a weapon than to partake for the fun of it, though she is known to have her fun. She has gone out of her way to get with the most popular mutants in the X-Men universe bedding the likes of Wolverine, Iceman, and even Professor X. Her affair with the mutant Azazel leads to the birth of her son who goes on to be Nightcrawler.

Her ability to take the form of anyone plays a major role in her tricks to sleep with the X-Men and tear them apart from the inside out. For example, at one point she poses as Jean Grey to trick Wolverine into sleeping with her in hopes of making Cyclops and Wolverine kill one another. It’s not absurd to believe that she may have done this more often, but was able to get away with it.