Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cheats PS3

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cheats | Companion Torch Bearer

Giving your companion a torch will ensure that they use it whenever you enter a dark area, making it easier to see where you are going and illuminating your pathway.

cheat Companions Using Spells
You can have your companions learn how to use spells. Simply drop a Spell Tome Book, and tell your companion you want them to do something for you (Command mode). Have them pick up the books; they will now have learnt the Spells!

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cheats | Criminal Activity and Holds

Usual Crimes:

Trespassing; entering an area that is off-limits. Depending on the level of security, you will often be warned and given a chance to leave peacefully before the crime is triggered. (Bounty: 5 gold)
Pickpocketing; Pickpocketing a guard of civilian and being spotted. Just looking at their inventory is not a crime; you have to actually take something. (Bounty: 25 gold)
Theft; swiping an item marked “Steal”. (Bounty: Half the item’s value)
Theft; stealing a Horse. You acquire this bounty each time you mount the stolen horse. (Bounty: (50 each time))
Assault; attacking a guard or civilian with your fists, weapon or spells.(Bounty: 40 gold)
Murder; killing a guard or civilian(Bounty: 1,000 gold)
Escape; escaping from Jail after being imprisoned. (Bounty: 100 gold)

Unusual Crimes:

Vampirism: Feeding on the blood of a guard or civilian and being spotted. (Bounty: 40 gold)
– Once you reach Stage 4 and become a full-fledged Vampire, all guards and civilians will be hostile towards you. Fighting back against them is considered a Crime, and a Bounty accumulates as normal.
Lycanthropy: Transforming to or from a Beast Form in sight of a guard or civilian. (Bounty: 1,000 gold)
– While in Werewolf form, all guards and civilians will be hostile. However, fighting back against them is not considered a Crime (since they don’t recognise you), and a Bounty will not accumulate.
Cannibalism: Eating a corpse while wearing the Ring of Namira is considered assault. (Bounty: 40 gold)