Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cheats PS3

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cheats | Increase Enchanting Skill
An easy way of helping to increase your Enchanting Skill is to disenchant magic weapons, rather than selling them.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cheats | Lockpick indicators
When breaking a lock or pushing it into the wrong position, the pick will flick towards it’s correct position. Watch the pick carefully in order to determine where the correct position is.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cheats | Merchant Restocks
Merchants will restock their gold after a 48 hour period. When selling to a Merchant, do not oversell. If they have a low amount of gold, fast travel to another location on the map and wait a total of 48 hours. Return back to the Merchant after you have waited and they should have restocked on gold.