The Sexiest PC Mods of Fallout 4

9. Atom Bomb Pinup Pip-Boy Wallpapers

Considering the 50s vibe to the game, pinup girls actually seem like quite an appropriate choice for decoration.
Unfortunately, Bethesda didn’t seem to agree and none were included as wallpaper options in Fallout 4. Luckily, that mistake has now been rectified thanks to the Atom Bomb Pinup Pip-Boy Wallpapers mod that adds seventeen unique images to the game for you to choose from.

Varying in explicitness, the pinups range from playfully innocent to mildly pornographic, so there really are plenty of options depending on your own personal preferences. What really sets this mod apart from the rest is that the images themselves just really don’t seem out of place. They fit perfectly into the Fallout universe so there’s no immersion-breaking going on at all.