The Worst Parts Of the Best Games – Top 10

Sitting down to play a top-tier game is the highlight of being a gamer.

Every year, a handful of elite titles shape the industry, and playing them gives us a glimpse of the future of gaming. But sometimes, these games also have elements that are better left in the past. In this list, we break down the top 10 ways even the best games can miss a beat.

10. Encumbrance (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Skyrim is all about creating your own adventure. You use the skills you like, undertake the quests that sound cool, and travel to places that look interesting. The sense of discovery is thrilling…but stopping off at your house to drop off a payload of magic items, dragon bones, and giants’ toes is not.

For a game so focused on exploration, you spend a surprising amount of time in menus managing your items to avoid over-encumbrance and retain your ability to use the fast-travel option.