Top 10 Action Games Of All Time

2. Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar delivered a plethora of impressive games last generation, including the aforementioned GTA games, L.A. Noire, and Max Payne 3, but the Wild West saga of John Marston is the real sheriff in town. Rockstar’s beautiful, sprawling frontier was a revelation in open-world exploration.

Marston’s tale of revenge is expertly delivered, but some of the real joy comes from simple activities like hunting game and helping out imperiled strangers. Red Dead also delivers one of the most memorable moments of last generation, with a moving acoustic song that kicks in as the cowboy anti-hero crosses into the Mexican wilderness.

Rockstar even manages to make galloping across the plains on a horse a joy, unlike most uncoordinated video game steeds. The whole package, down to its unforgettable conclusion, is a masterwork of what video games can accomplish in terms of storytelling and open worlds.