Top 10 Action Games Of All Time

1. The Last of Us

Much has been said about Game Informer’s best PS3 game of last generation, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. The glowing conversation usually revolves around the subtle, powerful tale of a troubled man protecting a young girl in a post-apocalyptic hell, but The Last of Us boasts a combat system that’s both deeply rewarding and challenging.

Scavenging for constituent parts to craft Molotov cocktails and shivs feels true to Joel and Ellie’s dire situation, but also offers a profound sense of hope when your back’s against the wall. Naughty Dog also managed to make sneaking through Clicker-infested ruins and silently taking out deadly marauders an enjoyable stealth experience – a rare feat.

These core gameplay elements combine with the moving story and gorgeous overgrown cityscapes to create an experience that’s both beautiful and melancholy. The Last of Us’s grim story closed out last generation by sparking hope in the bright future of video games.