Top 10 Action Games Of All Time

9. Dead Space

Horror games dried up on consoles last generation, but Visceral’s Dead Space series stood against changing trends. Isaac Clarke’s fateful mission on the USG Ishimura combined the core third-person gunplay of Resident Evil 4 with the innovative ability to move while shooting (something Capcom wouldn’t implement until RE 6).

The winning combination gave players more control, but also inspired Visceral to make deadlier enemies. The twisted, mutated Necromorphs shake up the tired headshot-centric firefight formula by forcing players to aim for the limbs – an engaging twist that stands the test of time.

Dead Space’s HUD is also entirely in-universe, allowing players to immerse themselves in the nerve-fraying sci-fi nightmare. Dead Space kicked the series off on the right foot and set a high benchmark for all horror games to follow.