Top 10 Daredevil Girlfriends

1. Claire Temple (Night Nurse)

Meet cute: On the Netflix show, Claire, with a tip from a friend, finds Matt badly injured in a dumpster and patches him up. She’s then kidnapped and beaten by criminals searching for him, but gives them nothing until he rescues her.

Good times: They have an interlude of healthy emotional intimacy where he opens up to her about his powers and how he sees the world.

But: It doesn’t take long for Claire to get concerned that he’s getting too much like his enemies, especially since he’s contemplating killing the Kingpin. They go back to being just friends – or doctor and patient – with minimal drama.

Dead?: No, and not likely to be any time soon. Rosario Dawson has guest-starred as the character in two of Marvel’s Netflix shows now and is likely to show up on all four. Of course, Phil Coulson served a similar role as glue that held the Marvel movies together until he died in Avengers – but hey, he got brought back to life almost instantly, so who’s to say?