Top 10 Daredevil Girlfriends

9. Karen Page

Meet cute: Karen Page was Matt Murdock’s secretary in his first comic-book appearance, and crushed on him (and his buddy Foggy, but to a lesser degree) from the moment they met – and you could say much the same about their first TV appearance too.

But: Karen couldn’t really handle finding out Matt was Daredevil at first, and left her job to become an actress. Years later, a heroin-addicted porn star with dwindling prospects, she sold out Daredevil’s secret identity for a fix.

Good times: Matt saved her from a vengeful drug dealer, helped her beat her addiction and, despite the trouble she’d caused him, offered her only forgiveness. The two would split and reunite once or twice more, but usually supported each other’s efforts to do good in spite of the wounds in their past.

Dead?: Yes, in the comics, killed when Bullseye threw Daredevil’s own billy club at him and she leaped into the way. For once, Bullseye the master marksman was perfectly happy to say he’d missed his intended target. Whether Netflix’s version of Karen has any of these complications in her future, it’s too soon to say.