Top 10 Daredevil Girlfriends

8. Black Widow

Meet cute: One day, the supercriminal Owl knocked Daredevil unconscious and sent him to the bottom of the river, where the Black Widow just happened along to rescue him, like you do.

Good times: For years after that, they were crimefighting partners and on-again, off-again lovers – well, we’re pretty sure they were: 1970s comic books weren’t too explicit.

But: At the time they were most likely to make a go of it, Natasha’s fierce independence and occasional fiery temper were the chief obstacles to a more permanent commitment. Then Matt found other loves. Later still, it was more Matt’s anger issues that were the obstacle. At this point, Natasha’s dedication to counter-espionage keeps her too busy.

Dead?: No, and what problems she has are entirely her own. Women not introduced in Daredevil’s own series seem somewhat immune to his curse, as seen in the next entry.