Top 10 Daredevil Girlfriends

5. Maya Lopez (Echo)

Meet cute: Shortly after Karen Page’s death, Maya Lopez came into Matt’s life. Deaf, but with the ability to read lips, sense vibrations very strongly, and duplicate any movement she sees, she was also secretly the costumed adventurer known as Echo, seeking to avenge her father’s murder. If all that sounds pretty much like she’s a mirror for Matt himself, go to the head of the class. Oh, and she was also raised by the Kingpin.

Good times: She and Matt had an amazingly cute first date that peaked with a movie, where she told him about the visuals and he explained the dialogue.

But: Echo and Daredevil were soon fighting to the death, because the Kingpin framed Daredevil for her father’s murder. Matt pointed out he was still in grade school when her father died (and was even the Kingpin supposed to be that old?). Realizing she’d been duped, she blinded the Kingpin in revenge, then left town to find herself.

Dead?: Yes. She briefly joined the Avengers, then ended up fighting Count Nefaria, an Avengers villain with Superman-like powers, alongside Moon Knight, who has no powers. It did not go well.