Top 10 Daredevil Girlfriends

3. Dakota North

Meet cute: Nelson and Murdock retained the improbably named Dakota’s services as a private investigator and bodyguard after Jessica Jones gave up the role to become a mother.

Good times: Let’s be clear: calling Dakota Matt’s “girlfriend” is stretching things a bit. He was devastated by what had happened to Milla, she was willing to be a shoulder to lean on, they went on a friendly date or two, they were both adults with working sexual organs, things happened.

But: Murdock was still technically married when they hooked up, and you know how a devout, guilt-ridden Catholic is going to react to that the morning after. Plus, since Matt seemingly can’t use the bathroom without the Kingpin knowing about it, Kingpin made sure that photos of him and Dakota doing the deed were widely disseminated.

Dead?: No, but her reputation took more of a beating than Matt’s after word got out, because we live in a sexist society. (Dakota was another character imported from other Marvel Comics: she was introduced in a mini-series of her own in the 1980s.)