Top 10 Dumbest Things Green Lantern Has Ever Constructed

Despite what DC’s movie division would have us believe, Green Lantern is actually a pretty badass character.

Sure, his power is technically “imagination” when you really think about it, but the fact that you need incredible willpower and total fearlessness to be able to make anything you want easily boosts its ranking on the awesome scale.

But, as some other superhero said once or twice, with great power comes great responsibility. And we say it’s time the Green Lanterns take some responsibility for the incredibly dumb stuff they’ve constructed over the years with their rings. Stuff like …

10. A Dolphin for Aquaman to Ride

Are we at a kid’s fair or trying to save the world here, people? Lantern, we get that it sucks that you always have to transport the non-flyers in the Justice League, but that doesn’t mean you can make a game of it. Aquaman’s already got enough trouble getting people to take him seriously, for Pete’s sake. You could have at least given him a shark or a walrus, or just anything with teeth.

This is serious world-saving business happening here, GL. Does Aquaman look like he is taking this lightly? No, he has chosen to ride this ridiculous dolphin you made him with as much dignity as humanly possible, while simultaneously wondering how easy it would be to stab you with his hook right now. The answer is very easy.