Top 10 Dumbest Things Green Lantern Has Ever Constructed

9. Saving a Construction Worker With Giant Construction Workers

Obviously it’s a good thing that Green Lantern was there to stop this giant crane from crashing down on a bunch of people, but how long was it falling that Kyle had enough time to imagine and create four entirely different stereotypical construction workers to save the day? This kind of detail work does not just happen; he chose to make this rescue as elaborate as possible.

Instead of just creating some giant floating hands to instantly catch the crane, he took the time to make massive people that all look like fully fleshed-out characters from a Dickens novel. Just picture ropes snapping, people screaming in the streets, and Green Lantern flying overhead thinking to himself, “No, they can’t all wear overalls. I’ll need at least one in a tank top, that would really make this rescue special.”