Top 10 Game Franchises That Went Mobile

Certain games are practically guaranteed to be fun when they come out on conventional consoles, but dominating that realm isn’t always enough.

Some publishers want to make a major splash in the mobile market with their biggest properties, not content to churn out silly companion apps. However, these efforts are rarely up to the standards of each series – usually landing in the “awful” to “okay” range – but they give hardcore fans another way to participate in the worlds they love.

This list looks at 10 of these mobile offshoots from franchises that are near and dear to gamers’ hearts.

Hitman Go

Translating the concepts of stealth and assassination into a turn-based board game, Hitman Go at least tries for something unique. In this case, experimentation is better than attempting (and failing) to capture the third-person action of its namesake.