Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games

1. Liara T’Soni/Steve Cortez (Mass Effect series)


I honestly tried really hard to not have a BioWare character, yet here are two on top of this list. It’s already two other BioWare games and three other characters, not to mention the honorable mention. I prefer Liara as a character, and she’s in all three games whereas Cortez is in just the third game, but he’s also an amazing character and in many ways pushes more common perceptions than Liara. So I couldn’t pick just one.

Liara is an Asari (a long-aged alien race) scientist and researcher, wise and knowledgeable far beyond her years. She’s also a solid shot with a pistol and in peak physical condition. What makes her a great battlefield asset are her biotic abilities (basically techno-magic) and her hacking skills. (spoilers) She later becomes the world’s leading information broker but somehow still takes time out to save friends in need and help Shepard save the earth. She’s also very awkward in the earlier games, making her an amusing and honestly kind of cute romance option for either gender. Not to mention that a badass information broker is pretty sweet to have on your side.

Steve Cortez is a soldier who left Earth along with his husband and child behind to serve the human race (spoiler warning) shortly before it was invaded by the Reapers (spoiler over). Despite the possible love of his loved ones, he presses on and remains a valuable asset to your crew. He’s not a stereotype, being ripped, exchanging quips with his jacked G.I. Joe toy of a best friend, and he never makes a big deal about it. He opens up a clear probability that in Mass Effect’s future, it’s kind of just a generally accepted thing across the universe to be homosexual. He also has some great character moments, both serious and fun. BioWare just makes amazing characters.