Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games

3. Dorian/Leliana (Dragon Age: Inquisition/Origins)


Yeah, I picked two from the same series again and it isn’t the last time. Dorian is a snarky and hilarious fellow with a curly mustache and excellent hair. He also has a fucked up family life (spoiler alert), having detached himself from the royal family he was born to after they tried to get their gay son to meet their rigid (heh) standards. He can be serious when needed and he’s extremely smart, not to mention being an ultra-talented mage. I’ll never not want him in my party.

Leliana is a more seasoned character, having appeared in all three games, as opposed to Dorian’s recent addition. Leliana is a model of transformation as a character, though it feels natural given what she goes through. She basically goes from a chantry maid to a badass Ocarcle-esque spy master and archer with absurd athletic prowess. Those who talked to her in both games will easily notice the change, but as her backstory as well as her story between games unfolds, it becomes clear why she’s become more reclusive and an obsessive worker. Also, she’s just awesome.