Top 10 Sexy Games For Perverts


PCsexy games Custom Maid

There’s wrong and then there’s just plain WRONG! I’ve actually covered this previously, and the memory of its wrongness lingers in my brain like some terrible hangover.

This is most notable for the fact it comes packaged with Ju-C air – a plastic peripheral that you insert your penis into so that you can ‘have sex’ with your chosen custom maid. This stand out feature alone warrants caution. The game itself? Well, it’s a surprisingly ‘deep’ 3D anime girl model editor. You can change almost any and every aspect you’d like, to create your perfect girl – before talking to her, manipulating her, watching her dance for you I’m sure you get the picture.

Think of it as a virtual lap-dance from an 3D anime model, where you can basically alter the setting as you please. This level of customisation even extends to the… er… more ‘intimate’ aspects of the game, which I will leave to either your imagination, or your ability to successfully navigate YouTube’s search function.

Oh yeah, and if you’re so inclined this game is also compatible with Occulus Rift – bringing with it all the benefits of feeling like you’re really ‘there’. If it’s sexy games you’re looking for – then this is next-gen, peripheral based, sexy games at their sexiest.