Top 10 Sexy Games For Perverts


360 / PS3

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Oh my lord! Publishers of the EU and US –  please stop fucking about and localise this already. The pitch is AMAZING.

You’re a guy in school. Who accidentally gets hit by all of Cupids arrows (bear with me) the affect of which is that every single girl in school totally wants a piece of him. In a sexy way.

Their raging teenage hormones mean they’re utterly powerless to resist charging at him, giggling and demented – demanding to be taken into the deepest recesses of the school library for some excessive heavy petting.

There’s a problem though. Our hero – that’s YOU – doesn’t want ALL the girls. You’re a picky little douchebag who only wants one of a select few.

SO. What’s a boy to do? Enter some pretty decent rail-gun gameplay – where instead of bullets you’re shooting love to a) keep the girls you don’t want at bay and b) score hits on the girls you want.

Perhaps the most pervy this game gets is where you can enter ecstasy shot – a kind of special mode where you have to shoot the girl in all the right places to make sure she’s totally hot for you.

It’s a pretty short game – with quite a lot of text story between shooting sections, but there’s a decent amount of replayability in here and would be perfect as a cheaper download-only title for PSN or XBLA. One of those sexy games that demands to see a western release.