Top 10 Sexy Games For Perverts



sexy games Criminal Girls

The Nippon Ichi PSP Dungeon Crawler has yet to surface on these shores – with little evidence to suggest that it ever will, despite being brought to PS Vita. It’s one of those sexy games that’s… er… so borderline that a western release is unlikely.

The concept is simple, you’re a prison warden in a prison for young girls. Only this isn’t your average prison – this prison is in HELL!

It is your role, as a fine upstanding citizen of the underworld, to reform these naughty, naughty girls in the only way you know how – by spanking and otherwise massaging them.

Structurally this is a top down RPG – where you must get the girls to climb a tower and defeat the enemies within. They’re not the most obedient lot and so it’s your task, as warden, to whip them into shape – sometimes being gentle, sometimes being firm.

The battle are unique in that you don’t have direct control over your girls – instead you’re provided with just a handful of options – with more exposing themselves between battles when you take them to the Punishment Chamber to have their skill set levelled up.