Top 10 Smartest Supervillains in Comic Book History


Once you are in the rarified air of Top-5 smartest supervillains, you are probably dealing with entries of similar intellect. Still, you might bristle at the inclusion of Brainiac at number 2, because he lacks some of the cachet and storyline prominence of a Luthor, Thanos, or Darkseid.

But this list is about intelligence, and Brainiac’s name says it all – 12th level intellect, infinite calculation ability, and amplified memory; mastery of engineering (bio and mechanical), mastery of physics, and a limitless knowledge of alien technology.

Brainiac created the technology that allowed him to shrink and steal Kandor, the capital city of planet Krypton; and that is just one of his many intellectual feats. His extensive mental powers also include the direct absorption of knowledge from other beings, and the ability to transport his consciousness into other living and breathing organisms.

He may have done less with his considerable intelligence than other big-time supervillains, but that doesn’t inherently discount his intelligence in the first place. His name was literally the birth of the term Brainiac, for good reason.