Top 10 Smartest Supervillains in Comic Book History


Kang has an unfair advantage, as he was born much later (30th century) than most of his peers on the list, and traveled back in time to eras when the average intelligence was substantially less than his. As such, Kang has no true superhuman abilities. But he is an exceptional genius, a historical scholar, a time-traveling physicist, and a master technician.

His mastery of time travel allows Kang to employ technologies that other characters aren’t able to access; 40th century science powers the battle armor that makes him so invulnerable, with its force-field protection, strength enhancement, and (less exciting) 30-day supply of rations. Kang’s armor has withstood punishment from the hammer of Thor, and survived the harsh wilderness of space. It can shape shift, and fire energy blasts.

I suppose It’s entirely possible that Kang is closer to average by 30th century standards. But we aren’t here to find loopholes – intelligence is intelligence, and Kang the Conqueror is many degrees of brilliant.