Top 10 Smartest Supervillains in Comic Book History


Among all the smart guys on this list, only Ozymandias was known everywhere (in his respective universe) as “the smartest man in the world.” Between his brilliant strategizing, photographic memory, and exceeding will (not to mention physical prowess), it is unsurprising that Ozymandias was able to best his peers in Watchmen.

In the Watchmen storyline, Ozymandias was able to execute a convoluted secret plan to create catastrophe on earth, with the goal of uniting its citizens with a common cause. He teleported a creature to New York City, planning for it to explode – killing millions and (ideally) uniting the world against a (fake) extra-terrestrial attack.

Ozy, and all his arrogant brilliance, also gave us one of the most gloriously boastful mic-drop quotes we can remember. After his former team arrived at his lair to intervene, telling Ozymandias that he wouldn’t be able to execute his master plan, the villain responded with a defiantly dead-pan “I did it thirty-five minutes ago.” Harsh.