Top 10 Smartest Supervillains in Comic Book History


“I’m you. Only better.”

Despite everything that we just wrote about Lex Luthor and all of his achievements, Lex Luthor Jr. is even more intelligent.

Junior was born on Earth-Three, one of the alternate timelines that doesn’t fit the standard D.C. storyline that readers see the most. He is the son of Lex Luthor in that alternate universe and not in the regular continuity that comics readers, especially casual ones, are so familiar with. Lex Jr.’s storyline and journey to earth is long and convoluted (as is the way of comics), but he eventually makes it to the main storyline with a villainous plot to restore the multiverse; a task that would take enormous intellect to pull off.

In order to do it, Alexander Luthor Jr. needed to pretend successfully to be his father, manipulate a large number of other villians, best Batman, and then revive the Multiverse tower (an extreme undertaking in itself). It worked – Lex Jr. and his overwhelming smarts recreated the DC Multiverse, and left behind the classic quote you read at the beginning of this entry, a verbal smack down of his equally evil father.