Top 10 Smartest Supervillains in Comic Book History


Number five is doctor Victor von Doom, the classic arch enemy of the Fantastic Four and leader of the fictional Latveria. He is a genius scientist and inventor, and a villain that is impactful enough to have feuded not just with The Fantastic Four, but also Spider Man, The Avengers, and other Marvel heroes.

Doom was born in Latveria, to a witch mother who passed her capacity for magic onto her son. It was his superior intellect, though, that helped Doctor Doom create advanced technology like his Doombots, technology that helped him do things like steal the Silver Surfer’s powers and (briefly) the powers of The Beyonder. He shot The Baxter Building into space. He was responsible for Scarlet Witch’s mental collapse, which disbanded The Avengers.

Schemes like these illustrate the best of Doom. He’s unmatched as a planner, and has the willpower to execute even his most far-fetched plots. In fact, a number of Doom’s “defeats” have come by his own hand, due to his irresponsibly large ego or the compulsion he has toward achieving victory exclusively on his own terms. There’s truly a case to be made for Doom to be even higher on this list, but the evil-doers in front of him are no slouches either.