Top 10 Star Trek Gadgets That Exist In Real Life


Modern computer users are often spoiled for choice when compared with the technology that was available fifty years ago – between miniature computer smart phones, tablet computers, and desktop machines, it’s common to own multiple personal computers and to even use several of them at the same time for different tasks.

It’s easy to forget that at the time of Star Trek’s initial broadcast, the idea of a powerful personal computer was decades away from fruition. Computers of the era were enormous devices that required a lot of space and were prohibitively expensive, meaning that seeing ensigns about the starship Enterprise working on personal computers was an unbelievable concept.

It’s likely for this reason that many computers within the show were voice activated – even the idea of a keyboard and mouse were a long way from development during the 1960s, and not all computers aboard the Enterprise even had their own monitors or screens.

The primitive bulky computers that appear in the early television series are laughable in their inaccuracy, but Star Trek did successful predict that one day computers would become small enough and cheap enough for commonplace personal use.