Top 10 Star Trek Gadgets That Exist In Real Life


Another key staple of the Star Trek original series, the tricorder is a pocket computer that’s capable of scanning the landscapes and inhabitants of alien worlds for various pieces of data, such as mineral deposits, heat signatures, and in the case of the medical version, diseases or other maladies.

As with other pieces of technology on this list, it’s often difficult for scientists to talk about scanners that they build for technological purposes in real life without referencing Star Trek’s tricorder. Various medical devices are able to scan patients to learn about injuries, such as the Handheld DNA Lab by QuantuMDx, which can scan a patient to give a diagnosis of illness in fifteen minutes.

Similarly, other machines are used for scanning the ground to gain a better understanding of its layout and composition. As far back as 1996, the Vital Technologies Corporation has created what it called the ‘Official Star-Trek Tricorder Mark 1’, which is designed to perfectly mimic the appearance and capabilities of the Star Trek device.