Top 10 Star Trek Gadgets That Exist In Real Life


When Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted years after the original series, a concerted effort was made to make the technology of the new show stand out from its predecessor. Among the new additions to Star Trek’s technological capabilities is the concept of a flat, touchscreen computer device, no thicker than a magazine, but with significant computing power.

At the time, such devices were only possible in the most distant of science fiction dramas, and it was hard to imagine a near future where such machines could be possible.

The first commercially successful tablet computer of any mainstream popularity, the iPad, debuted six years ago in 2010. In the time since then, modern life has seen the introduction of a variety of tablet computer devices, ranging from the laughably cheap to the impressively sophisticated.

It’s safe to say that this is one prediction that Star Trek not only got right, but if anything underestimated just how prevalent touchscreen computers would become in the near future.