Top 10 Star Trek Gadgets That Exist In Real Life


Star Trek’s tractor beam, a concept that has appeared in science fiction since the 1930s, rests on the idea of a high powered energy beam locking on and attracting a foreign object, spaceship, or person. The idea, originally called an ‘attractor beam’, has appeared in a wide range of science fiction stories in the years since its original inception.

Scientists have been working for a long time to try and bring tractor beams into reality. In 2015, a team of UK-based engineers made the announcement that they’d invented a way to use soundwaves to move tiny objects of up to 5mm in size physically without touching them.

The scientists stated that they believe such technology in its current form has a lot of potential for medical usage, and it’s expected that further study will lead to the development of larger, more powerful tractor beams that can move heavier objects in the future.